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We provide a dynamic and engaging platform to engage and inform your customers through touch screens and interactive kiosks. Combine your digital advertising solutions with touch screen kiosks and experience elevated results. It is an excellent option for businesses like self-service ordering, ticketing, interactive concierge, enhanced product demonstrations, office directories, and charging stations.

What all we offer SaaS-Based Display High Resolution Previews Screen Control Pro-active Network Monitoring 24/7 Support

Right Communication

We paint the landscape that replicates your brand in a single vision.

Intellectual Imagery

We couple art with an acumen that echoes your brand proposition.

Ground Plan

We chalk out media strategy that serves as a unified communication of your brand.

Mind Mapping

We deep dive into brains of the consumers  that best comprehends their likes.

Interactive / Touch Screen Kiosks

With touch screens, you can transform your brand messaging into interactive, engaging and powerful experiences for tradeshows, business presentations, and more.

Digital Signage

The power to personalise every interaction.


Make your first touch point count


Your message evolves when you do


Engineered to engage in any environment.

What are you waiting for?

CHROMO designs & builds integrated digital business technology systems. From digital marketing, mobility, analytical solutions to tangible products and results. Chromo helps your organization to grow your business in the digital way.

Integrate your touch screen kiosks for a flexible, scalable and custom solution to meet your requirements. We provide a wide range of formats to suit just about any application: landscape/portrait screens, freestanding enclosures, wall or ceiling mounts, and weatherproof units available.


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    1101 Rue Saint-Louis,
    Gatineau, QC J8T 2R9