Software Development

Custom Solution

Every business has its unique way of operating, but there is no unique software developed that offer customised solutions specific to business needs. This is where we vouch to offer solutions that will grow with your business needs

We offer development in the following areas Standalone program Web-based applications Mobile apps

Innovative Technology

We provide solutions for your business that not only change your dynamics but also add value to our portfolio.

Customised Solutions

Our team of experts are constantly developing solutions that perfectly match your business needs.

Thoroughly Tested

We focus on sustained engineering, where all our products undergo for testing phase before launch.

Easy Deployment

We create the user-friendly solutions that can be implemented with ease with high-end platform.



Custom Software

We are able to offer customised solutions that perfectly blend with your business needs.

Desktop Application

We offers Desktop Application Development with a modern user interface of web applications

Enterprise Management System

We offer a wide range of services and products under the EMS.

Database Design

Designing a database is the process of identifying information required to be stored

Mobile Application

Chromo is a a competitive technological firm that has expertise in developing mobile apps.

CRM Development

A 360 degree customer view is what your business needs but is impossible to attain.

e-Commerce Solutions

Responsive store design & development, mobile apps, plugins & module development, & full maintenance

Dedicated resources

100% accountability and risk-free development with Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) engagement Model

Why us?

Our aim is to grow with your company growing and provide the backbone you need to create the proper environment to succeed. We can perform key internal business functions customised for your business by implementing the latest technologies to make you stand out.

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- offer upscale solutions that provide the backbone you need to create the proper environment to succeed.

Our aim

Our Clients

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