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SEO is the organic SEO service that helps companies like Singar, Nissan and Quadra
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We help clients get their websites ranked on the first page of Google in days. Our keen analytical and advanced technical skills have made us one of the most sought after agencies here.
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  • Founded in 2005 in Ontario, CA.
  • Over 300 active clients.
  • Experience in over 30 industries from high-profile B2C businesses to highly niche and specialised organisations.
  • Over 50 in-house digital marketing specialists.
  • Full spectrum of digital marketing services provides.
  • Clients include Microsoft, Intel, Ferrari, Hilton plus many local homegrown businesses.

Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Nexa has been providing SEO services for over 10 years in the UAE with incredible results.
Our SEO Service offering is below:

  • Website and SEO Audits Obtain your free Website Audit
  • Together with the quality and depth of content on your website, the structure and design of your site..

  • Website Updates for SEO Why Should update your website
  • The structure of your website has a big influence on how your site ranks on the search engines.

  • Website Backlink Building Backlink building process
  • A highly complex task, the building of backlinks is an important component of SEO ..

The natural choice for SEO

The organic SEO company that provides everything your website needs and nothing it doesn’t


We use only genuine organic SEO techniques. Nothing artificial, no bad stuff.


The highest-quality SEO done by hand. 100% handcrafted and automation free.


Google compliant SEO that protects your business with safe, long-lasting results.


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    1101 Rue Saint-Louis,
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    Email: info@chromo.ca