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Today, you have a variety of means to reach your consumers. Multimedia branding is one of the evolving tools that has become a staple of any thriving business, and those who haven’t embraced this evolution in their communications are missing out a large amount of customer base.
By merging various media forms such as video, audio and animation, you can effectively connect with a broader customer base, thereby increasing exposure and revenue. Chromo has an extensive background in multimedia design services and can help your business to with the right multimedia mix and reach the potential consumers.

Chromo provides Creative Interactive Dynamic design


We help you find an efficient, cost-effective way to engage your audience.


Chromo is committed to converting your business visions into successful realities.

Measurable Results

We believe in targetting the right audience that generates enough leads for your business.

Power of Video

We have staff having experience in producing high HD video and graphics animations.

Multimedia Design Services

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Graphic Designing
3D Animation
2D Animation
Video Productions

Video Rendering

Infographic Video
Kinetic Video
Short Company Intro Video
Motion Graphic Video
Cinematographic Video
Promotional Video
Storytelling Video
3D Rendered Video

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    1101 Rue Saint-Louis,
    Gatineau, QC J8T 2R9