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Audience Network helps publishers monetize and create engaging ad experiences that are right for their audience. Advertising has become an integral part of every business. Newspapers and flyers are becoming too mainstream and getting quick eyeball grabs is the need of the hour.

Digital Signage Solution

Dynamic digital signage network is replacing static displays in all OOH communications, be it for the in-transit location like airports, stations or bus-stops or various businesses like retail, banking, healthcare, entertainment, hospitality, etc. Getting your brand message & communications across on these displays is simpler than ever before with Chromo Marketing Solutions.

By connecting a compatible Android or Windows media player, you can simply plug and play to get started with Chromo. Create your private 24/7 channel & monitor your digital signages worldwide through our next generation platform for digital media.

Multiple Locations

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    1101 Rue Saint-Louis,
    Gatineau, QC J8T 2R9